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Four-channel Wireless Conference Host KU-2400

Four-channel Wireless Conference Host KU-2400


Product Description

•This system si a set of wireless conference system working ni the UHF frequency band, with ful digital control, high fidelity,
high signal-to-noise ratio, and nosound delay.
• With high-brightness full-view OLED display, the display content is clear, and the hierarchical menu design makes the operation simple and convenient.
•With support for Chinese and English free choice display.
•With electronic volume adjustment output volume button
• i t has functions such as microphone power display, undervoltage warning, frequency channel and signal indication.
•The project installation is easy and simple, and the conference room/studio with 500 people basically does not need to be debugged, and the project installation can be completed quickly
_Conference mode has: first in first out, limit, chairman, application and other conference speech modes to meet various needs. •Frequency automatic tracking and locking function, no need for frequency binding, the conference unit can be used immediately. •Intelligent speech authority control, support 4 people tospeak at the same time, support up to 2 chairmen
•The audio channel and control channel are both transmitted wirelessly, without laying cables, and the signal coverage area
can be moved freely, making the layout of the venue convenient and flexible.
_ Transmission distance: 8 0 meters

•Communication method: UHF wireless two-way
• Frequency range: 500MHz-950MHz
• Modulation method: FSK
• Receiving sensitivity: - 100dBm
•Radiation power: ≤+6dBm
•Frequency deviation: <0.002
•Data rate: 100KBPS
System total parameter index:
• Signal coverage: indoor radius 80 meters
•Total audio gain: 820dB
• SNR:>85dB
• Audio Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤0.8%
Audio channel:
•Communication method: UHF
•Frequency range: (500MHz - - - 950MHz available) • Maximum modulation volume: 60K
• Radiation power: ≤+9dBm
• Frequency deviation: < 0.002

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