Product Description

Reveiver Technical Parameters:
Carrier Frequeancy Band:UHF640~690MH (Optional)
Number Of Channels:Dual Channel / Quad Channel / Eight Channel
Modulation Method:FM
Sensitivity:When inputing 6dBv,S/N>60Db
Maximum offset:+45KHz
Comprehensive S/N ratio:>105dB
Comprehensive T.H.D:<0.7%@1KHz
Comprehensive Fequency Response:45Hz~18KH+3dB
Power Supply:DC 12V 10W
Output socket:XLR parallel and 6.3 non-parallel seats

Tansmission Technical Parameters:
Carrier Frequency Band:UHF640~690MHz(optional)
Oscillation Mode:PPL Phase Lock Frequency Synthesis
Harmonic Radiation:<-65dBm
Maximum Offset:+45KHz
Frequency Response:45Hz~18KHZ+3dB
Band Width:120MHz
PF Power Output:15MW
Current Consumption:<90mA
Continuous Working Time:12Hours