Public broadcast audio (restricted)

Public broadcast audio (restricted)


Product Description

The public address amplifier can control several Ceiling Speaker NS-ICM6W(Limited number of speakers)

Public Address Amplifier MA-80W
Power output:80W
Versatile:support Bluetooth / radio / MP3 playback
Input sensitivity:AUX 250mV (unbalanced) MIC5mV (unbalanced)
Gain adjustment range:BASS: ± 10dB (100Hz), TREBLE: ± 10dB (10KHz)
Total harmonic distortion:<0.1% at 1kHz, 3/1 rated power output
Signal to noise ratio:MIC: 66dB, AUX: 70dB
Priority level:MIC1 has the highest priority
Frequency response:50-16KHz ± 2dB
Output adjustment rate:<3dB
Auxiliary output:unbalanced lotus output 0.775V
Protection function:over temperature, over current, overload, short circu
Power supply:AC 220-240V, 50Hz-60Hz
Input voltage:70 / 100V
Product size:260 × 66 × 164mm

VOSS Audio Ceiling Speaker NS-ICM6W
Rated power: 10-60W
Rated resistance: 8Ω
Unit size: 6.5 inch coaxial
Frequency response: 50-20KHz
Sensitivity: 91dB
Hole size: 198-215mm
External dimensions: 230×100mm
Installation depth: ≥95mm