Product Description

1. Name: wireless microphone/one for two
2.Technical parameters: One for two wireless microphones.
Main feature: Broadband emission (50MHz),
Segmented receiving technology (two independent 25MHz sub-bands): The handheld channel has 16 independent adjustable channels.
The standard 1U metal case has a built-in dual-channel receiving circuit, which has the professional quality of sturdiness, heat resistance and isolation of harmonic radiation interference.
Cooperate with "audio code and radio frequency intensity" mute control to prevent the interference of other audio and video equipment and other radiation noise, and will never cause errors and malfunctions.
Wireless microphone receiver technical parameters: panel display: backlit digital display, oscillation mode: PLL phase lock frequency synthesis;
Radio frequency stability: ±0.005% (-10~50℃)
Carrier frequency band: UHF 640~690MHz;
Frequency bandwidth: 50MHz;
Receiving method: double frequency conversion receiving
Sensitivity: When the deviation is equal to 40KHz, when the input is 6dBV, S/N>80dB; 
the maximum deviation: ±68KHz with volume expansion
Comprehensive S/N ratio: >105dB(A); Comprehensive T.H.D.: <0.5% @ 1KHz; 
Comprehensive frequency response: 50Hz~18KHz±3dB;
Maximum output voltage: independent balanced type: +10dB(2.5V)/600Ω, 
mixed unbalanced type: +4dB(1.25V)/5KΩ.
Mute control mode: "audio code and radio frequency intensity" dual mute control
DC power supply: 12V/1A; 
technical parameters of wireless microphone transmitter: anti-interference design of mobile phone signals; metal tube body material; 
oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesis; 
carrier frequency: UHF 640-690MHz; 
frequency width: 50MHz; frequency adjustment : Automatic tracking lock receiver working channel; 
output power: (high) 70mW/ (low) 10mW; 
harmonic radiation: <-55dBC;
maximum deviation: ±45KHz; 
frequency response: 50~18,000Hz; 
directivity: high Cardioid directivity; 
Sensitivity: -80±3dB; 
Output impedance: 750Ω; 
Use batteries: two AA batteries; 
Maximum transmission distance: 60 meters