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Wireless Microphone U-960

Wireless Microphone U-960


Product Description

1. Name: true diversity wireless conference microphone/one for two
2. Technical parameters: One-for-two conference true diversity wireless gooseneck microphone. Main features: Broadband transmission (50MHz), segmented reception technology (two independent 25MHz sub-bands): 2 channels of the receiver have independent 100 adjustable channels. The standard 1U metal chassis has a built-in dual-channel receiving circuit, which has the professional quality of sturdiness, heat resistance and isolation of harmonic radiation interference. Cooperate with the ''audio code and RF intensity'' mute control to prevent the interference of radiated noise from other audio and video equipment. With the ''ACT'' automatic channel lock button, as long as the SET button is pressed, the transmitter can automatically and accurately lock the working channel of the receiver, and no errors and failures will occur. Wireless gooseneck microphone receiver technical parameters: Panel display: LCD liquid crystal display, which can display RF/AF signal strength, channel, frequency, mute level and other functions at the same time; Oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesis; RF stability: ±0.005%(-10~50℃);Carrier frequency band: UHF 500~950MHz (standard: 640~690MHz); frequency bandwidth: 50MHz; frequency adjustment: ∧ / ∨ to select the desired frequency, and then press the ''SET'' function button, the transmitter can be automatically locked and received immediately The same working channel of the machine.
Receiving mode: secondary frequency conversion receiving;
Sensitivity: when the offset is equal to 40KHz and the input is 6dBV, S/N>80dB;
the maximum offset: ±68KHz with volume expansion;
comprehensive S/N ratio: >105dB(A);
Integrated T.H.D.: <0.5% @ 1KHz;
Integrated Frequency Response: 50Hz~18KHz±3dB;
Maximum Output Voltage: Independent Balanced: +10dB(2.5V)/600Ω,
Hybrid Unbalanced: +4dB(1.25V)/5KΩ.
Mute control mode: ''voice code and RF intensity'' dual mute control;
DC power supply: 12V/500mA;
wireless gooseneck microphone transmitter technical parameters: anti-cell phone signal interference design;
body material: plastic injection molding;
oscillation mode: PLL Phase-locked frequency synthesis;
carrier frequency band: UHF 640-690MHz;
frequency width: 50MHz;
frequency adjustment: automatic tracking receiver working channel;
output power: (high) 70mW / (low) 10mW;
harmonic radiation: <-55dBC;
Maximum offset: ±45KHz;
preset channel: 200;
frequency response: 50~18,000Hz;
directivity: high cardioid directivity;
sensitivity: -80±3dB;
output impedance: 750Ω;
battery used: two AA batteries ;
Operation display: LCD simultaneously displays battery capacity, channel, low voltage warning;
Maximum transmission distance: 300 meters

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