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Product Description

Chairman and Delegate Functions
★ Full CNC design
★ With LCD display, with year, month, date and time display, as well as display microphone switch status,
★ The unit has the function of timing for speech, when the microphone is turned on, the timing starts from seconds immediately
★ With simplified, traditional, English and other three language display options.
★ With three function keys, the time and date, language switching, etc. can be changed and modified through the function keys.
★ With voice-activated shutdown function: the microphone automatically turns off 30 seconds after speaking
★ The unit is a passive device, powered by the system host, and the input voltage is DC24V, which belongs to the safe range
★ The number of chairman units in the system is unlimited and can be placed at any position in the circuit
★The chairman's priority control button can be set to permanently terminate or suspend the speaking status of all speakers on behalf of the microphone
★ The unit has a 2m*1.5m 8P connection for the "T" type one-line connection of the system, and the extension line can be customized according to the actual situation of the venue.
★ The unit microphone rod and the base are designed separately and fixed in a spiral manner, which prevents noise generation, and is more safe and protected for transportation.
★ Wrap-around condenser microphone with replaceable windscreen
* With speakers, you can adjust the volume
★The microphone pole of the microphone unit has a red light ring. When the microphone is turned on, the red light ring lights up, which is convenient to display the current working status of the microphone;
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Karaoke System Johor Bahru JB | Pro KTV Audio | Sound System | VOSS Audio