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Product Description

Model: SM-405T
Rated Power: 10W
Frequency Response: 90-16KHz
Line Voltage: 70-100V

Wall mount speaker system
Installation and connection way
1.According to the special position of the expansion screw holes on the speaker bracket, draw the line of screw hole in the corresponding position on the wall.
2.After installing the expansion screws, hanging the speaker above.

Connection Way
According to different application, we provide the customer 3 different connection ways for reference.
1.Apply in general short distance single area
Suitable for the control system of wiring length under 20 meters, single area (room), or two adjacent areas (rooms). Such as in-wall home theater system or a mini-bar, meeting rooms, multi-function hall.
Wire: Recommended above 14AWG wire, because in this case uses the fixed resistance power amplifier, when a long distance, use thicker wire can reduce the loss of the line.

2.Apply in small area
Used in multiple adjacent isolation area (room), have focused sound source, amplifiers, various area (room) can control the volume of the system alone.
Connection: This system is to use impedance matching volume control, because the use of fixed resistance amplifier, it will have certain restrictions, the maximum current controller supports 16pairs speaker system, as the following instruction.

3.Applicable in large public broadcasting and public address
Wire: it is a large project, there are a lot of professional equipment, we do not recommend customers install on their own, please ask our technical department or professional installation company for help of details.
Connection: Under the current international Common Criteria, we offer choice of 70v and 100v input signal (We have different power audio matching transformer).

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Karaoke System Johor Bahru JB | Pro KTV Audio | Sound System | VOSS Audio