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Product Description

⦁ 96KHz sampling frequency, 32-bit DSP processor, 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion;
⦁ There are 2-in 4-out, 2-in 6-out, 4-in 6-out, 4-in and 8-out models to choose from, which can flexibly combine various types of audio systems;
⦁ Free installation of driver software, built-in wireless WIFI control, to achieve wireless tuning on the computer;
⦁ Each input is equipped with 31-band graphic equalization GEQ + 10-band PEQ, and the output has 10-band PEQ;
⦁ Each input channel has the functions of gain, phase, delay and mute, and each output channel has the functions of gain, phase, frequency division, limiter, mute and delay;
⦁ Each output delay can be adjusted, the longest can reach 1000MS, and the minimum adjustment step is 0.021MS;
⦁ The input and output channels can achieve full routing, and can synchronize multiple output channels to jointly adjust all parameters and copy channel parameters;
⦁ The slope of the variable high/low pass filter can be set, among which Bessel (Bessel), Butterworth (Butterworth) are set to 12dB, 18dB, 24dB per octave, Linkwitz-Riley (Linkwitz-Riley) ) can be set to 12dB, 18dB, 24dB, 36dB, 48dB per octave;
⦁ Each machine can be stored according to user needs, up to 12 user programs can be stored;
⦁ The machine is equipped with a panel operation lock to prevent the working state disorder caused by misoperation;
⦁ Provides USB and RS485 interfaces to connect to a computer, and can connect up to 250 machines through the RS485 interface
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Karaoke System Johor Bahru JB | Pro KTV Audio | Sound System | VOSS Audio