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Product Description

> Air switch input interface, convenient for power access and control, meet inductive load, and withstand surge impact;
>> 30A high current control relay output, multi-purpose socket;
>> Standard USB interface luminaire auxiliary lighting configuration
>> Full function of standby, running, all bypass, single channel bypass;
>> Adopt SMT, AI, ICT automatic production and testing technology to ensure standardized production and product consistency;
Model 1018
Power Condition Single Phase 3 Wire
Power line access port method Single-phase two-pole power type air switch
Connection device DZ47 C63
Maximum connectable wire diameter (L.N/PE) 50mm2
Ground terminal Terminal lug
Number of timing channels 8 channels
Number of output channels 8 channels
Power Condition Single Phase 3 Wire
Connection device type Compatible with American standard European standard socket
Non-sequential output auxiliary channel Universal socket

Other parameters Input maximum current capacity 63A (AC220V) Maximum output current capacity per channel 30A/60s or 10Arms Sequence control Time interval 1sec per step , Run, All Bypass, Individual Channel Bypass Front Panel Use Function Sequence Power Switch, USB Light Power Switch and Interface, All Bypass Selection, Individual Channel Bypass Selection, Multi-Function Power Socket Rear Panel Use Function Access Power Main Input Switch and interface, sequential power output socket, online input and output socket protection function Air switch overcurrent automatic cut-off function Dimensions/weight Product dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 483x260x44.5(1U) Outer packaging dimensions (Wx Depth x height) (mm) 560x425x80 Net weight 5.2kg Gross weight 5.6kg Power cord Transformer AC220V±10% 50~60Hz (optional filter) 1.2m GB 3-core 6-square cable

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Karaoke System Johor Bahru JB | Pro KTV Audio | Sound System | VOSS Audio