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Digital Mixer M32-Plus

Digital Mixer M32-Plus


Product Description

Digital Mixer M32-Plus
operating system:
Developed based on Linux operating system, no fear of viruses, safer and more stable operation
5-core CPU processor, 1.8G main frequency, fast boot, faster running speed
10.1-inch 1280*800 high-definition touch display, Chinese and English operation interface, free switching, easier to use
Shutdown parameters are automatically saved, no need to worry about data loss
Local input/output:
42 signal inputs (38 analog + 4 digital)
(32-channel MIC/Line input, 2 groups of 3.5 lotus stereo input, 1 group of 3.5 stereo headphone input interface, 2 groups of digital input: sound card, MP3, AES digital input)
20-channel signal output
(Main output L, R, 14 AUX1-14 auxiliary outputs, 1 stereo headphone monitor output, AES output)
Maximum support 74-channel signal input, 36-channel signal output
Dante support:
Optional 32x32 Dante version card, realize Dante signal input and output, support multi-track recording
Product parameters
•・・1.14-inch channel TFT LCD guide display, channel name and background color can be customized and edited (support Chinese).
•・MIC input gain adjustment (smooth digital gain, participate in saving to scene)
•・Mic input channel (Linked) odd-coupling
•・+48V phantom power (MIC channels can be turned on and off independently, participating in saving to the scene)
•・Mic input channel independent PAD attenuation switch
•・Each input channel has built-in compressor, noise gate, phase, high and low pass filter, 5-band parametric EQ, delay, channel pan balance adjustment
•・Channel parameter quick copy function
•・Multi-function menu for each channel, mute and monitor
•・Channels are equipped with 100MM travel electric faders (33 ALPS electric faders)
•・Independent physical fader control for I/O and effect channels
•・Each channel fader supports user-defined layer function
•・Two fader layer page turning buttons (input page turning, output and effect fixed faders, the operation is more convenient and quick)
•・8 customizable physical buttons
•・8 DCA groups, 8 mute groups
•・Independent feedback suppressor management for each channel
•・Built-in signal generator (pink noise/sine wave/white noise), which can be customized to output from any one or more output channels
•・Built-in real-time spectrum RTA function (color can be edited)
•・Support dual synchronous data backup
•・Channel and scene editing supports Chinese input method
•・Integrated automix function
•・Supports Talkback function
•・Support MIDI interface input
••・AUX output (pre/post fader) can be set
•・Output channel processing: high and low pass filtering, 15-band parametric EQ, 31-band main output (GEQ supports manipulation on the fader), compressor, delay, phase
•・USB 8*8 multi-track recording function
•・Built-in sound card (mobile phone, IPAD, MP3, PC direct playback, recording)
•・・8 quick scene calling modes, 100 scene storage, customizable scene name, support Chinese input, seamless switching of scenes, no sound interruption, support U disk import and export
•・Local built-in 4 independent DSP effects, preset multiple effect modes for users to use directly
•・FX Foot Switch Connector
•・12V output interface for external lighting equipment
•・One key to restore factory settings
•・Support 232 central control
•・Multi-operating system control software (IOS system, Android system, WINDOWS system)
•・ Support wired network port adjustment (or wireless adjustment with external router)
•・10.1 inch 1280*800 HD capacitive touch display
Machine size/weight
Length, width and height: 910*515*245 MM (length includes 6.35 input seat, width includes side plate, height includes machine foot; does not include knob)
Packing size: 1040*630*360MM
Net weight: 18.25kg Gross weight: 23.5kg
Applications: conference rooms, multi-function halls, small performances, small bands, government, schools, bars, wedding companies, leasing companies, banquet halls, military, cultural halls, cultural centers, exhibitions, etc.

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