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JB Johor Bahru, KL Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malaysia
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Product Description

1. Patented appearance design, overall high-grade and dignified, in line with modern aesthetic standards
2. Professional high-fidelity capacitor microphone core, sensitive to pick up sound, clear voice, bandwidth up to 20Hz~20KHz
3. Adopt anti-interference circuit design, which can prevent the interference of electronic products such as mobile phones.
4. The head of the microphone is equipped with a speaking light ring, which can display the status of the unit speaking, shutting
down, and standby
5. The speech switch button has a light-transmitting speech pattern, which is always on when speaking 6. With a high-brightness full-view OLED display, the display content is clear
7. The microphone has ared halo indicator light, and the working status is clear at a glance;
8. Ultra-low power consumption design, using ordinary batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries, long standby time, easy to operate.
9. It comes with a USB charger or power bank for charging.
10. The display screen has a battery power detection function, and the display power is 100% proportional 11. Detachable rotary microphone, easy and firm connection;
12. The content of the display screen has Chinesea n d English display options
13 means that the unit has the function of "eliminating cough" Press the mute button to mute the microphone.

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Karaoke System Johor Bahru JB | Pro KTV Audio | Sound System | VOSS Audio