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Product Description

This machine adopts new DSP digital processor technology, which is used in digital and analog integration combined with audio input and output high-quality processing. The powerful improvement of functional parameters is a big surprise for improving the overall indicators of the audio system, which is better than traditional manual equalizers.
Among them, the audio output uses traditional DOP in-line components to restore all standard music tones.

Applicable to: radio stations, multimedia conference rooms, recording studios, multi-functional entertainment halls, live event performance systems, home theaters, HIFI speakers. Sites with strict requirements on system indicators.

◎Standard 2U can be mounted on the rack
◎Two-channel synchronous control 31-segment EQ balance, DSP digital and analog integration.
◎Each segment of equalizer has LED spectrum indication, which helps users to clearly see the pitch level during use.
◎Real-time 31-segment frequency point jumping, with a spectrum accuracy of 99%.
◎With cutting-edge noise gate noise reduction function, it can eliminate the noise in the system. The threshold adjustment range is built-in and fixed.
◎The input and output interface adopts new multi-type: TRS6.35/RCA lotus/XLR Canon CANNON balanced interface
◎EQ bypass: Bypass the graphic equalizer in the signal path
◎With save and recall function, 10 modes can be saved for recall.
◎Power supply mode: 220V
◎Sound transmission gain: -1dB or 11dB
◎Line input impedance: 15KΩ
◎Line output impedance: 300Ω
◎Frequency response: 20Z~20K
◎Signal to Noise Ratio: 82dB
◎Power consumption: 30W

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Karaoke System Johor Bahru JB | Pro KTV Audio | Sound System | VOSS Audio